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Saving Your Relationship by Thirty Percent

          If I could offer you an investment that would increase the likelihood of a good return by 30%, would you take it?  You might say, “One would be a fool to not take the offer.”  Are you ready for this?  There must be a lot of foolish people.  The greatest […]

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Texting Your Way to a Better Relationship

When it comes to current technology, I confess I’m older and therefore need a “Dummies” book.  I recently texted a younger friend who texted back, “I didn’t know you could text!” Some younger folk usually respond to texting before phoning.  I have to text a friend to tell them I am about to call them and to […]

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Published Again…”Communication: Can You Hear Me Now!”

This article was first published here at Relationships Rock!  It was picked up at  Today, it was published at  You can view it here. Thanks for visiting, reading, and passing on this blog to others. by

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Next Article

I will be taking a vacation next week. This week I am finishing my first eBook called “The Relationship Pyramid… Friendships That Make a Difference.” You’ll hear about it when I return. by

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