Texting Your Way to a Better Relationship

TexterChicWhen it comes to current technology, I confess I’m older and therefore need a “Dummies” book.  I recently texted a younger friend who texted back, “I didn’t know you could text!”

Some younger folk usually respond to texting before phoning.  I have to text a friend to tell them I am about to call them and to “Please answer the phone.”  It’s like a phone call announcement.  I’m good for a couple of texting exchanges, after that it needs to be a phone call.  Besides, my fingers don’t move fast enough.  I heard a news story that a grandmother took up texting because her far away grandson wouldn’t answer his phone.  By texting she hears back right away.

*Did you know there are four billion texts a day in the USA!  It must be true because I see plenty of people doing it WHILE DRIVING!  One of the many things that bother me while driving is to look in my rearview mirror at the person behind me who is texting; you know that head bobble looking down then looking up.  I just pray that they don’t run into me mid-sentence.

Here are some ideas on how to improve your relationships through texting:

  • Texters are seeking connection.  Use texting to set up face-to-face meetings when possible.
  • Look at texting as a tool.  It can be used for something good or bad, like a hammer.  A hammer can be used to build or attack.
  • Text sweet little messages to that special person and let them know you are thinking of them. Just be sure you are sending the message to the right number!
  • Texting gives you a chance to calm down and think about your response without being face-to-face.  Sometimes in the presence of the other person we feel we need to give an immediate response which could lead to saying the wrong thing.
  • Gossip, through texting or conversation, is always a formula to damage relationships.  How about using texting to brag on someone?

Texting can be a great tool.  I have fully embraced it.  Now tweeting, that’s something different.  To tweet, or not to tweet?  If I decide to try, I will send you a text to let you know I’m tweeting, but don’t hold your breath on that one!


*To learn more about the use of texting, click here.

(c) 2013 Wally Johnston

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