A Father’s View of Father’s Day


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I have a friend who was born on Christmas Eve.  That makes it easy to remember but Dale must feel like he is cheated; his day overshadowed by the “Big” holiday birthday.

One of my sons was born on June 20th making it close to Father’s Day each year.  You may think I feel short-sheeted with the focus on my son.  After all, my family affectionately refers to me as “chopped liver.”  If you think I feel cheated you would be wrong.  It is because of my sons that Father’s Day has great meaning.  Their lives mean that my life includes a special purpose.

I wasn’t ready for the role of father; who is?  Having a kid is like the first date; you want it but you don’t know what to do when you have it!  I now teach parenting classes.  I wish I had that class when I became a parent.  No class will make a parent perfect but it can provide helpful tools to get the job done.  Somehow I got the job done.  How well did I do?  I guess you will have to ask my boys (I’ll hold my breath while you do that!).

I have worn a lot of hats in my life: son, uncle, cousin, brother, pastor, writer, educator, disc jockey, author, and steelworker, an on-and-on (Oh yeah; husband).  I have had no greater role than that of “Father.”

By the world’s standard, I am not a wealthy man.  My life was spent in ministry, which means I depended on the generosity of others for my bread and butter.   My wife also worked to support my ministry habit!  I am wealthy in the things that matter and that includes being a father to three boys (our two offspring and our foster son).  While I’m at it, let’s include our two great daughters-in-law.  What I have money can’t buy.  That means what I have is priceless.  It means I’m a father.

(c) 2013 by Wally Johnston

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