Labor Day and the Work of Relationships



Sometimes we look to accomplish something without working for it; diets for example.  Have you been down the diet section of a bookstore lately?  There are rows of great ideas to lose weight, many of them the “easy” way.  You probably couldn’t sell a book called, “The Hard Work of Losing Weight.”  Let’s face it; the way to lose weight is to eat moderate amount of healthy food and exercise.  Work!

Let’s take a look at relationships.  There are a lot of book titles that subject.  Have you seen any on relationship diets?  We somehow think we can begin a relationship without any preparation and after it starts, it should be problem free.  If not we can always move on.

This is illustrated in the wedding industry.  For those us who want to be married (yes dear, including myself), we aim for the “perfect” wedding.  Weddings take a lot of work but most miss the most important work; seriously looking at their relationship.  Very few seek out a relationship coach or counselor before wedding preparations begin.  When I shared this idea of pre-marital preparation, a young barista said, “That sounds scary.”  I think lack of preparation sounds scary!  Marriage should not be a crap shoot; “Let’s try it out and see what happens.”

This Labor Day, I encourage you to take a look at your relationships.  Sometimes computers need to reboot in order to work properly.  Use this day to “reboot” your relationships.  Take a fresh look, and get to work on the most important relationships of your life, your home, work, friendship, and spiritual lives.

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