Relationship Retreat

BeachBreakI recently went on a church retreat.  Some churches call it an “advance.”  I guess they think retreating means turning tail and running away.  Actually, the word “treat” means anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment.  The dictionary says a retreat is a place of refuge, seclusion, privacy and also a period of retirement for religious exercises and meditation. Doesn’t that sound like something you would see as an advantage to you personally and in your relationship?

Sometimes relationships need retreating!  A relationship retreat helps by:

  • Stepping back and getting a different perspective.
  • It gives us a time to think without distractions including: television, computer, a personal listening device, email, phone calls, etc.  Many of us don’t take a time to retreat from these modern-day annoyances…I mean tools J
  • A relationship retreat gives us time to journal about our relationship.
  • Giving us enough space to avoid any negative emotions and an opportunity to see the positive in your relationship.  What are those things you appreciate about the other person?
  • Write a note of appreciation to the other person (not an email but an actual hard copy, handwritten note).

How does one take such a retreat?

  • Take a vacation day and get away by yourself.
  • Go with your loved one to a retreat center.  Schedule some alone time and then share what you have learned from your time there.
  • If you can’t take off work, each of you can choose an evening to go to separate restaurants for dinner and journal about what you appreciate about the other.
  • Come up with your own ideas.

When was the last time you took a relationship retreat?  Has your relationship gotten stale or in a rut?  Do you value your relationship enough take such a retreat?

If you participate in a relationship retreat, please make a moment here on the blog and let us all know how it went.  That will encourage the rest of us to learn from your example.

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