You + Others = Happy!


Someone commented on the title of this blog, “Relationships Rock!” She said, “Yes, if they are good relationships!”  I suppose that’s true.  Have you ever thought about how good relationships add to your happiness? Conversely, how would your happiness be affected without these relationships?

Consider these points:

  • Relationships bring meaning – Being with others gives us a sense of identity, a sense of “place.”  I belong here because I am part of something.  I remember how badly I felt when, as a child, I was not invited to a neighborhood birthday party.  We all need a “party” to belong to!
  • Relationships brings personal growth – It is impossible not to grow when in relationships, whether good or not so good.  We learn lessons of working together, overcoming differences, etc.
  • Happiness is contagious – I have some friends whose upbeat attitudes make me want to share the happiness.  Do others say that about us?  I hope they do about me!

The New Testament records Jesus “Happy Sermon.”  It is referred to as the “Beatitudes.”  Jesus gives a list of blessings, which can also be understood as happiness.  These blessings can be found in chapter 5 of Matthew.

Here is what he said in his first blessing:

“God blesses (give happiness) those who are poor and realize their need for him,
for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs”
(New Living Translation). (My additions are in parenthesis).

This is saying that we get blessed by being in relationship to God.  We get happy by being in relationship!  Without that relationship we are poor.

I don’t believe it is an accident that this passage is called “Beatitudes.”  This tells me that these are “blessed-attitudes “or “happy-attitudes” made possible by relationships.

I guess my formula is correct: You + Others = Happy!


(I recently discovered a tool that helps me maintain happy thoughts.  It is an App (of course) that can be downloaded on any IOS device or accessed through any computer.  It is called “Happier.”  It is a social media tool that lets you share some positive/happy thoughts and also to read thoughts from others.  Give it a try!)

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