The Perfect Family Christmas Gift


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There are many words that get over used and abused until their meanings change or become unrecognizable.  “Perfect” is such a word.

“It is a perfect wedding dress.”

“Perfect shirt”

“Perfect party”

This time of the year we hear, “This is a perfect Christmas gift.”  Let’s give “perfect” a break and talk about a really good family Christmas.  Think about your entire perfect past Christmas gifts.  Where are those things now? Broken and hidden in the garage or attic?  Re-gifted to someone else who now has it stored in their garage or attic?

Consider this: Have you ever taken a holiday family trip together?  Have you ever forgotten that trip or any others that followed?  You know why you haven’t forgotten?  Because experiences with loved ones are more significant than physical gifts you unwrap.

The best (if not perfect) gifts are not things, but experiences.  Experiences add something to our life and the life of one’s family.

So this Christmas do something together rather than spend a ton of money on gifts.  You’ll enjoy it more and you won’t even have to wrap it!

I hope you have a perfect Christmas (oops, how about a memorable one?).

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