Money Saving Relationships

money-lady2I enjoy bargains.  I don’t like to pay full price for anything.  My wife would say I’m a penny pincher.  I would say I’m a wise shopper.  In the end I usually save money.  My wife has a different approach.  She comes back from a shopping trip and says, “You won’t believe how much money I saved!”  In man language I hear, “You won’t believe how much money I spent!”

Good relationships can save us money.  Let’s take a look at the extreme end of a marriage relationship: divorce.  Do you know how much divorce cost?  The average cost is between $10,000 – $25,000!  Having a good marriage relationship can definitely save money!

Here are other money-saving relationships:

  • Friendships: Good friends can help us lower our stress.  Too much stress can lead to many physical problems including high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, headaches, etc.  All of these can lead to higher medical bills.
  • Business associates: Networking is the key to successful business.  Our associates can help us find deals below full price.  It’s a two-way street; what I know can save them money in other ways.
  • Volunteerism: There is nothing like people joining together to make a positive difference.  Volunteering helps one feel good about oneself.  Feeling good helps to prevent or relieve the physical symptoms listed above.
  • Spiritual friends at our place of worship can also lead to a healthier lifestyle that can save on medical bills later in life.

The key to all of these money-saving relationships can be understood by asking a question:  “What can I do to help or promote you?”  If we approach relationships for what we can get out of them, people are going to know we are self-centered.  Have you ever been with someone who makes you feel important?  On the other hand, how about a person that makes themselves, not you, feel important?  Who would you rather be with?

There are some things worth more than money.  You can’t put a price tag on good relationships…unless it is marked “Priceless.”

(c) 2014 Wally Johnston



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