Relationship Growth Through Differences

Apple_OrangeWhen it comes to relationships, what color is your shamrock?  St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here when everything turns green.  Did you know that Irish Catholics wear green and Irish Protestants wear orange? 1

  • Having differences are okay as long as we can accept them and even realize growth from them.

Our two boys are a prime example.  Big brother is Mr. Sociable.  The worst punishment for him would be to have his hands tied and duct tape put over his mouth.  I wouldn’t suggest it, he might explode!  His little brother is a total opposite.  Quiet, introspective, who tends to avoid social engagement.  You could take away all of his toys and lock him in his room.  For him, that would not be punishment because his playground was in his head.  The best thing for us as parents was to stop changing them to fit our idea of a perfect kid and accept their differences.  After all, we are unique and when God’s created each of us he threw away the mold.

  • This acceptance of others and their quirks works in any relationship.

Couples can learn to grow from the other’s way of life rather than trying to change each other.  We can complain about our bosses or co-workers but life would be happier if we accepted their strengths and what they offer to the team effort.

I think God likes to have fun and be creative so he didn’t make people to be the same.  Had he done that he probably would use the comment my wife uses from time-to-time, “You don’t want me to be bored!”

  • I think if we accept each other unconditionally it would change all of us for the better.

The color you wear this coming St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t matter as much as accepting each other’s colors, and how we relate to our differences.


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