Reduce Stress, Start a Christmas Conspiracy!

You hear and maybe say it every year…”Christmas has gotten out of hand. Too much consumerism” and then we go right out and spend, spend, spend! Stress, stress, stress!

Have you ever planned your Christmas as a family?  For next year would you like to teach your kids that spending isn’t that important?  Perhaps you can come up with an, “Advent Conspiracy”plan for your family.

WHAT IS AN “ADVENT CONSPIRACY?”  Simply put it is a family plan to spend less and give more.  Here are the steps to consider:

  • Look at the past few years and determine how much you have spent on gifts for each Christmas season.  Come up with an average.
  • Decide on what percentage less you will spend this year.
  • With that savings decide as a family how to spend that money in helping others (personal acquaintances, nonprofits, church, homeless shelter, etc.).
  • Find was to give by serving. One year my son went with a group to provide blankets and clean socks to inner city poor.  They would sneak up at night while they slept and covered them with a blanket. Some woke up the next morning and thought an angel had visited them while they slept (Warning: don’t do this on your own.  Go with an established group).
  • Celebrate how God has used your family to help others.
  • Next year, plan to give a greater percentage.

For additional help, you might “like” Advent Conspiracy on Facebook.

PS Only 363 days left until Christmas!

(c) 2015 Wally Johnston

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