How NOT to Lose a Job!


Disappointment Charlie BrownI had a former boss who said, “You learn more from your mistakes that your successes.”  I’m not sure if he was trying to encourage me or warn me.

I learned one of those lessons lately and it cost me a possible job.  I had applied for a communications/media job.  I knew I was qualified.  They asked me to send in my resume, along with some of my previous work by the 4th (just pick a month).  I spent some time and got it sent off by the 2nd.  I didn’t hear back the first week but I didn’t want to appear “anxious” so I waited until the following week and emailed back and followed it up with a call.  The HR person said she never received my material and the job was offered to someone else!  Ouch!  My email didn’t come backed so I assumed she got it.  Perhaps she did but it may have gotten lost.  Either way, I missed the job.

If you apply for a job, perhaps you can learn these points from me:

  • Get your stuff in early
  • Ask for a reply they received the material (I did that but it didn’t help).
  • Instead, after you send the requested material, call the HR person and ask if they received it.
  • While you have them on the phone, ask for a time frame on when a hire decision is expected.
  • Email and call back just before the hire date.
  • Make contact after the hire date.

I know it seems like a lot for chasing but it may be the difference between getting a job or writing a blog post how you missed it!

(c) 2016 Wally Johnston

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