We take care of our two-year-old granddaughter during the week. I work at home which means I don’t work at home :).   I’ve always been one that needs a big block of time in order to write something.  Now my block has been shattered to bits! I’ve learned to be productive in little spaces of time or else it’s not going to happen.

I’ve decided to write weekly on this blog.  I need you to let me know if any of it makes sense.  If it does and you like it, I hope you will share it.  I know many of you are busy parents or grandparents. I hope this will encourage you in knowing you can accomplish something in the midst of watching your kids or grandkids.

I’m not sure what day of the week I’ll send the posts, perhaps the weekend when we have bigger blocks of time…supposedly!

Please let me know if you have a particular topic I can write about around relationships, family, children, friendship, dating, work, etc.  Also, I am hoping that some of you have the writing bug.  I love to feature guest writers.

I hope you will follow this blog by hitting the FB “Like,” or fill out the “Contact Me” on the right side of this page.

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