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How NOT to Lose a Job!

  I had a former boss who said, “You learn more from your mistakes that your successes.”  I’m not sure if he was trying to encourage me or warn me. I learned one of those lessons lately and it cost me a possible job.  I had applied for a communications/media job.  I knew I was […]

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Reduce Stress, Start a Christmas Conspiracy!

You hear and maybe say it every year…”Christmas has gotten out of hand. Too much consumerism” and then we go right out and spend, spend, spend! Stress, stress, stress! Have you ever planned your Christmas as a family?  For next year would you like to teach your kids that spending isn’t that important?  Perhaps you […]

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Bring Passion Into Your Relationship

When you think of passion in relationships, you are probably thinking amorous thoughts.  You have a point there but that is not what I’m talking about. Let me illustrate: A young man told me that he had a steady job but that wasn’t his passion. (BTW: passion can     mean any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. Not just between couples. It’s something […]

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Relationship Growth Through Differences

When it comes to relationships, what color is your shamrock?  St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here when everything turns green.  Did you know that Irish Catholics wear green and Irish Protestants wear orange? 1 Having differences are okay as long as we can accept them and even realize growth from them. Our two boys […]

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Money Saving Relationships

I enjoy bargains.  I don’t like to pay full price for anything.  My wife would say I’m a penny pincher.  I would say I’m a wise shopper.  In the end I usually save money.  My wife has a different approach.  She comes back from a shopping trip and says, “You won’t believe how much money […]

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The Impossible Narcissist Boss

    The Impossible Narcissist Boss When growing up, I inherited a little desk plaque that read: “It’s hard to be humble when you are as great as I am.”  A narcissist is a self-made man who worships his creator!  In their inflated view, everything revolves around them.  Do you know someone like that?  What […]

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The Perfect Family Christmas Gift

  There are many words that get over used and abused until their meanings change or become unrecognizable.  “Perfect” is such a word. “It is a perfect wedding dress.” “Perfect shirt” “Perfect party” This time of the year we hear, “This is a perfect Christmas gift.”  Let’s give “perfect” a break and talk about a […]

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You + Others = Happy!

Someone commented on the title of this blog, “Relationships Rock!” She said, “Yes, if they are good relationships!”  I suppose that’s true.  Have you ever thought about how good relationships add to your happiness? Conversely, how would your happiness be affected without these relationships? Consider these points: Relationships bring meaning – Being with others gives […]

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Relationship Retreat

I recently went on a church retreat.  Some churches call it an “advance.”  I guess they think retreating means turning tail and running away.  Actually, the word “treat” means anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment.  The dictionary says a retreat is a place of refuge, seclusion, privacy and also a period of retirement for religious exercises and meditation. Doesn’t […]

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Friendship From The Ashes

Tomorrow is Patriot Day.  That’s code language for 9/11/01.  What does Patriot Day have to do with relationships? The terrorist attacks in 2001 brought a lot of negatives but also some positives.  For starters, it brought Americans together, at least for a time.  This was especially true in New York City.  When the towers went […]

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