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Helping Kids Deal With Trauma

Today, yet another mass killing took place at a Texas church.  One of those was the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor.  You may be asking, “How do I  help my child deal with public trauma?” First, recognize your own response to the event. What can you do to minimize the trauma for yourself? Talk with […]

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Haunting Words from a Child

In my late teens, I worked at a grocery store after school.  I would get off at 10:00 PM.  I’d grab a treat and settle in for some late night TV.  Often, there would be a scary movie.  By the end of the movie, I would be too afraid to move off the couch.  I […]

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We take care of our two-year-old granddaughter during the week. I work at home which means I don’t work at home :).   I’ve always been one that needs a big block of time in order to write something.  Now my block has been shattered to bits! I’ve learned to be productive in little spaces of […]

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There are some people you just cannot buy for, fathers included. Mother’s Day buying is so simple. Sometime the gift giving is a challenge because we really do not know our Dads. I did not really know my Dad very well. He was old enough to be my grandfather. About the time my youngest brother […]

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Relationship Growth Through Differences

When it comes to relationships, what color is your shamrock?  St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here when everything turns green.  Did you know that Irish Catholics wear green and Irish Protestants wear orange? 1 Having differences are okay as long as we can accept them and even realize growth from them. Our two boys […]

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Our Latest Parenting Class at Love, INC Beaverton

I just completed the “Becoming A Love & Logic Parent” series at Love, INC Beaverton.  What a great group of parents and kids!  The class learned a lot about parenting by sharing their experiences each week while using the Love & Logic tools.  We are planning to start a monthly Parent Connection beginning in September […]

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A Father’s View of Father’s Day

  I have a friend who was born on Christmas Eve.  That makes it easy to remember but Dale must feel like he is cheated; his day overshadowed by the “Big” holiday birthday. One of my sons was born on June 20th making it close to Father’s Day each year.  You may think I feel short-sheeted […]

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Communication Tools

Can You Hear Me Now? by Wally Johnston (c) 2013  (Also published at Ernest Hemmingway said, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” This child didn’t have the pledge quite right: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic where witches dance, one Nation, under God, […]

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The Parenting Pill

A Pill For Parenting? by Wally Johnston (c) 2013 By nature, we Americans are impatient. The only evidence you need is to drive in busy traffic or stand in line at a grocery store. We also like things to come easy, like losing weight by taking a pill and NO exercise! Wouldn’t it be great […]

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A Family Friendly Super Bowl

The Big Game and sometimes stupid commercials are just around the corner. HOW CAN A FAMILY HAVE FUN TOGETHER ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY? Here are some suggestions: Families with children containing one Non-Super Bowl Parent (NSBP): After safely shutting the Super Bowl Parent (SBP) in a sound proof room (Little kids shouldn’t hear the sideline […]

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