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The Christmas Stork

A young boy got to thinking, “I wonder where babies come from.” He decided to go straight to the authority.  “Mom, where do babies come from?” he asked. She replied, “The stork brings them.” Not satisfied he went to his grandmother and asked the same question and received the same answer. One day his friend […]

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Taking A Chunk Out Of God’s Hand – a Thanksgiving Message

I have a friend who used to be a cabinet-maker. I said “used’’ to be a cabinet-maker. Like so many, the saw eventually takes a chunk out of something.  In this case, it was the tops of two or three fingers.  My wife felt sorry for him, especially in the winter, so she tailored some […]

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Haunting Words from a Child

In my late teens, I worked at a grocery store after school.  I would get off at 10:00 PM.  I’d grab a treat and settle in for some late night TV.  Often, there would be a scary movie.  By the end of the movie, I would be too afraid to move off the couch.  I […]

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There are some people you just cannot buy for, fathers included. Mother’s Day buying is so simple. Sometime the gift giving is a challenge because we really do not know our Dads. I did not really know my Dad very well. He was old enough to be my grandfather. About the time my youngest brother […]

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Reduce Stress, Start a Christmas Conspiracy!

You hear and maybe say it every year…”Christmas has gotten out of hand. Too much consumerism” and then we go right out and spend, spend, spend! Stress, stress, stress! Have you ever planned your Christmas as a family?  For next year would you like to teach your kids that spending isn’t that important?  Perhaps you […]

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The Perfect Family Christmas Gift

  There are many words that get over used and abused until their meanings change or become unrecognizable.  “Perfect” is such a word. “It is a perfect wedding dress.” “Perfect shirt” “Perfect party” This time of the year we hear, “This is a perfect Christmas gift.”  Let’s give “perfect” a break and talk about a […]

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Friendship From The Ashes

Tomorrow is Patriot Day.  That’s code language for 9/11/01.  What does Patriot Day have to do with relationships? The terrorist attacks in 2001 brought a lot of negatives but also some positives.  For starters, it brought Americans together, at least for a time.  This was especially true in New York City.  When the towers went […]

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