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The Christmas Stork

A young boy got to thinking, “I wonder where babies come from.” He decided to go straight to the authority.  “Mom, where do babies come from?” he asked. She replied, “The stork brings them.” Not satisfied he went to his grandmother and asked the same question and received the same answer. One day his friend […]

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The Supreme Court: An Illustration of Family

  The death of Antonin Scalia has had a profound effect on the Supreme Court. He was one of the most vocal justices on the court.  Without him, the Supreme Court “family” changed.  People like Justice Thomas spoke for the first time in ten years during a session!  He is trying to fill the gap […]

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Relationship Retreat

I recently went on a church retreat.  Some churches call it an “advance.”  I guess they think retreating means turning tail and running away.  Actually, the word “treat” means anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment.  The dictionary says a retreat is a place of refuge, seclusion, privacy and also a period of retirement for religious exercises and meditation. Doesn’t […]

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New eBook Published

I just released Relationship Pyramid…Friendships That Make A Difference on my webpage. You will learn about the four friendships that can make a positive difference in your personal and professional lives. To order your copy just click on the title above.  It will take you to my webpage.  Scroll down and you will see the book […]

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Published Again…”Communication: Can You Hear Me Now!”

This article was first published here at Relationships Rock!  It was picked up at  Today, it was published at  You can view it here. Thanks for visiting, reading, and passing on this blog to others. by

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Next Article

I will be taking a vacation next week. This week I am finishing my first eBook called “The Relationship Pyramid… Friendships That Make a Difference.” You’ll hear about it when I return. by

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