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                Let’s face it, where would we be without relationships?  

In solitary confinement I guess!  

But who wants to be there?

Great relationships help us:

  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Develop our sense of teamwork and interdependence
  • Make us healthy
  • Get us jobs! …and more.

Good relationships don’t happen by mistake.  We have to be intentional to develop those relationships.

So…What is your plan to grow relationships that rock in your life?

What are your resources?

One of those resources can be this blog, ”Relationships Rock!”  Return often to read the latest postings that will make you laugh, think, and quite simply help you enjoy your relationships.

My posts and your comments may be profound, funny, a quote, poetry, who knows?  So if you are involved in business, families, parenting, education, church, etc. you may find something of interest.

Now here’s the good part: You can add your comments on any post I make at “RELATIONSHIPS ROCK!”

Let me introduce myself

I am Wally Johnston.  I started “Foundations4YourLife” http://www.Foundations4YourLife.com).

My motto is: “Building Relationships For a Better Life.”

I am a relationship coach and educator with many year’s of experience in helping couples and families.  I am a published writer and author and I want my gifts and talents to be used to help YOU with your relationships.

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